What is the #BackMyCommunity Campaign about?

#BackMyCommunity was created by She Leads Africa in partnership with Vested, a company pioneering new ways for Nigerian families to build wealth, giving in our community, reward young women who have gone out of their way to help others, and feed underserved members of the society this season. We’re all about empowering young and hard-working women in our community to thrive in 2021 by contributing to the resources they need as well as tackling hunger in this difficult year and we’d love you to be a part of this.

Who started the #BackMyCommunity Campaign? 

The #BackMyCommunity campaign is a fundraiser by She Leads Africa and Vested, to facilitate peer to peer and charity support. The two organizations will match your donations up to a total of $1,000. 

How is success evaluated for the #BackMyCommunity Campaign?

Broadly, the value of #BackMyCommunity is a product of the following: 

  1. How many donations we influence, directly or indirectly
  2. Reaching our goal of 1,000 USD before or at the end of this campaign
  3. Successfully disbursing funds to our beneficiaries

How can I get involved in the #BackMyCommunity Campaign?

  1. Donate to the cause
  2. Spread the word. If you have ideas for what we could do to improve our appeal to the people you’re hoping to reach, we’re happy to hear from you

Is it safe to give online?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to give on this platform as all your data and bank information is secure and encrypted.

How am I sure my money will be used for the right cause?

All individual beneficiaries were carefully screened and selected by the She Leads Africa Team and an announcement will be made with data to show once we reach our goal. We will also share the details of the Lagos Food Bank intervention in form of pictures, videos, and a detailed written report. You can also view the donations’ progress in real-time on the website.

Can I donate even if I live in Nigeria but I’m not a Nigerian?

Yes you can donate in Naira

Can I donate if I’m a Nigerian living in Diaspora?

For payments in dollars, you can donate via our Stripe payment platform. Kindly click add more to donate more than 10$ eg 50$ will be added 5 times. 

What happens if I encounter technical issues on the payment platform?

Please contact info@sheleadsafrica.org

Frequently Asked Questions on Partnerships – Lagos Food Bank Initiative

How does the Lagos Food Bank source the food?

We have a vendor database that consists of the details of all our dealers in major markets from whom we purchase food items at wholesale prices. We also have a branded Lagos Food Bank truck which aids our delivery and pickup from these open markets.

How do you identify your beneficiaries?

We usually go for a location inspection before every outreach to ensure we interact, determine, and register vulnerable individuals (Children 0-12, Nursing mothers, malnourished children, and the Elderly). We however have access to a database of beneficiaries we have reached out to in the past which we can call to come to the food bank for an in-house outreach intervention.

Can we select the specific slum areas/communities that we want to feed?

Yes, you can. Although this is highly dependent on your budget. We would need to go for a community inspection beforehand to identify the underserved in the community and hand out beneficiary tags to enable us to distribute the items properly on the outreach day.

How do you track progress made from your outreach and programs?

We have a database of our beneficiaries from all our programs which we call and visit frequently to monitor and record progress made. Impact assessment and monitoring is a priority for us at the Lagos Food Bank.

Do we get a report on outreaches done?

One of our deliverables in Lagos Food Bank is to provide details on each intervention made. These details are in form of pictures, videos, and a detailed written report. These would be sent to the partners after each outreach is completed.

Do you serve cooked foods at your outreaches?

Yes, but only at the school feeding program, EDUFOOD.

Now that the price of foodstuff is sky-rocketing, how do you source for food? Do you purchase food at a discounted price from selected retailers? Would you prefer to be given funds as opposed to food items? 

We purchase food at a discounted price from selected retailers. As for preferring funds to food items, this is dependent on the preference of the donor but food donations are always accepted.

How much does it cost to feed beneficiary families?

The total amount to feed a family of 5-7 people for 3 weeks to one month are as follows:

  1. 100 families’ costs NGN 500,000 
  2. 200 families’ costs NGN 1,000,000
  3. 500 families’ costs NGN 2,500,000
  4. 1000 families’ costs NGN 5,000,000

How much does it cost to sponsor one beneficiary in each program?

We currently have four programs running at the moment.

  1. Nutritious Meal Plan Intervention for Vulnerable Mothers and Children (NUMEPLAN): ₦1,500/day
  2. EDUFOOD: ₦374.00/day
  3. FAMILY FARMING: ₦54,100 (to set up a beneficiary for all the program specialization)
  4. NIDS: ₦9,780/month

QUESTION: What items do you give out during outreaches?

The items given out can be dependent on the budget and preference of our partners. The cost of a family-size pack for a family of five is NGN 5,000. The Family size pack contains the following:

Food Items

Rice 2.5kg, Beans 2kg, Garri 2.5kg, Groundnut oil 1litre, Sardine, Seasoning (Curry, Maggi, and Knorr Chicken), Eggs, 70 pieces of sachet milk, a carton of Sunvita cereal, etc.

Non-food Items

Lifebuoy soap, 6 pieces of Sunlight detergent, Pears baby powder, Delta bathing Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner, Body care products, etc.